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SMS Flash FaxThe Stanislaus Medical Society provides an important conduit of information for all of its members keeping them knowledgeable on important medical issues. The Flash Fax brings a bi-monthly and up-to-date local, state and federal information that affects your practice by email or fax. We strive to acknowledge those physicians who provide outstanding service to the medical community thereby recognizing, solidifying and strengthening the image of all physicians in Stanislaus County. Let us know how you would like to receive this publication.

The strength and effectiveness of our Medical Society depends on membership. The more unified our efforts, the more effective our local mission becomes. Without the unity of an organization, each physician isolates his practice and potentially wastes time in duplicated efforts and expense to handle the numerous situations that arise. We are here to assist you in finding solutions to problems, so you can spend your time practicing medicine, not researching remedies.

Please let us know if you would like to receive this publication by email or fax.  Call (209) 527-1704 or email: